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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Gateway 1 Corridor Coalition is to maintain and improve the movement of people and goods efficiently and safely along the Route 1 Corridor by multiple modes; to grow jobs and participating municipalities’ tax bases; and to preserve the scenic, small town, and rural qualities of the Corridor.


To advance the Mission, the Coalition shall work to achieve the following Goals of the Coalition, among others that are consistent with the Plan:

A. Preserve and improve the safety and mobility of Routes 1 and 90 in Midcoast Maine;

B. Preserve and improve the walkability and livability of downtown and residential neighborhoods that are bisected by Route 1 in Midcoast Maine;

C. Preserve and improve a favorable jobs, services, and housing balance that makes employment opportunities and retail, financial, and other services accessible by residents via alternative transportation modes, and that reduces vehicle trips;

D. Preserve and improve a range of transportation options for businesses, residents, and visitors in the Corridor;

E. Conserve the rural, visual, and community character of the Corridor;

F. Assist municipalities in implementing the Gateway 1 Corridor Action Plan; and

G. Promote and support regional collaboration on transportation and land use issues.